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And if you’re curious about how we conducted this study, here’s a spreadsheet with all the data. It’s popular for product catalog layouts, wholesale stores, bulk order forms, large product directories, restaurant order systems, and other industries needing a different way to display products. They are using the category pages as a hub and using it to link to specific sub-categories. Now We’d love to hear from you. Use hyphens (-) as separators instead of spaces and underscores. The importance of effective product categories and navigation cannot be overstated. I highly recommend writing a couple of standard templates that can be used to write meta descriptions for your product pages. You can implement product table layouts directly into the WooCommerce category template along with the other advice in this article. Treat the meta description like a mini sales letter with the goal of getting the click. So rather than 5 necklace pages competing for the same Necklace terms, optimize the category page for necklaces while optimizing the products for specific necklace style (e.g. 52% of the eCommerce store have a banner image at top of the category page. So it’s better to build up your category pages. Fernando Muñoz Director, Señor Muñoz SEO. A proper site structure will give both direction and focus to the customer and search engine and make clear on which pages to focus on. By default, you cannot add rich text to category description. Make sure the price (and any markdowns) are clear. eCommerce and product taxonomies are comprised of a browsable category tree structure. Rich product information is a great commerce opportunity. Be consistent in use of focus keyword. Most SEOs are focused solely on rankings. A product category is a type of product or service. This is one of my favorite examples of real world results from a focus on CTR for organic search. Just keep every page 3 (or fewer) clicks from your homepage. The layout, images, captions, options, etc. And your category pages cannot be infinite so that’s why you have attribute pages and product tag pages, and link them through the product pages looking to maximize the signification, maximize the “this page is related to this other one”. Products tend to come and go but categories stay. For ecommerce websites, Information architecture is really important. It’s also a good option if you want smaller images or other multimedia content such as audio and video players. Whenever possible, list your product categories either alphabetically or by order of broadest to most specific. They usually have large images, 3-4 products per row, plus the title, price, star rating and add to cart button. 72% of the websites have products visible at the category pages, Keyword in the Title ( Use unique H1 heading tag), Keep your product category names clear and descriptive, Avoid Category Names that are confusing or only your staff can understand, Pick either singular or plural for all category terms (Shirt or Shirts), Add useful, unique content on each category pages, Add long useful description at the bottom, Make sure links to sub-category pages are visible, Make sure you have unique image for each product category header. As Matt Janaway said, If you want to seriously growth-hack your e-commerce sales, stop all other marketing tasks and write some awesome product descriptions. All our products are 100% GPL compatible. Avoid tags to minimize the duplicate tag & category issue. Select the Procurement Category hierarchy. Categories constitute the hierarchy of the site and product catalog, and are mutually exclusive. © 2019 Atlantis Themes. If you’re starting from scratch, use a tool like Buzzsumo so see your best content by shares and work through those. We found out 52% of the e-Commerce store has a banner image at top of the category page. Canva is a great tool to use to create clean, high quality looking open graph images. Expert Advice – Make sure users can find what they’re searching for on your website! The frequent misimplementation of a filtering attribute as a category is likely because a filter and a category tend to a) work in very similar ways, b) are often found displayed next to one another, and c) can technically be almost the same thing. Make sure you’re specific targeting your keywords towards audience. Enhance Your BigCommerce Website with Duck Soup To-Go! One of the most common situations my clients deal with is determining the best product categories for their e-commerce website. Each filter criteria customizable, giving you maximum control. If your theme is WooCommerce compatible, description will get displayed on the category listing page automatically. That’s a very powerful strategy which can help you optimize your meta descriptions and titles, in order to ensure that they will motivate users to click. Since Google is always looking for the best fit & best experience for users based on their query. For example a kitchenware store might offer product categories by cooking type, such as Mixing, Chopping, Baking or Grilling. *This is somewhat against guidelines even though a lot of people do it. There are a number of ways to design filters on your category page, and the right design could mean the difference between the filter helping customers or distracting them. FAQs for BigCommerce Store Redesigns and Staging Websites, E-Commerce for Everyone: How to Launch a Successful Online Store Using Bigcommerce (or Other Hosted Platforms), 5 Tips for Great E-Commerce Product Photos, Upgrade to Stencil – Benefits and Things to Know Before Switching, E-Commerce Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips to Refresh and Renew Your Online Store. It’s frustrating for shoppers to navigate categories with hundreds of products while others have only a handful of products. It’s well known in the Adwords world that something as simple as swapping the top and bottom lines of your Adwords ad copy around can take CTR from 1% to 2% – that’s a 100% improvement, or in other words, DOUBLE the traffic from the same ad. Nina Baumann Online Marketing Expert, Linkspiel. Then, all products that are assigned to the category inherit those attributes. The asked us to do an SEO review of their site. Most websites use category page header very intelligently. User-defined and system attributes can be defined at the category level. Show color options from the Category page. In order to optimize URL structure there are some plugins which amends or removes the base product-category for categories. And, not a lot of description is needed. How did you structure your shop’s category pages? Ideal scenario: Focus keyword is used in URL, Title & Description. eCommerce Product Categorization Services. There is no shortage of both customers and competitors. We found out that all 50 online stores have the sub-categories visible at the prominent place of category pages. Choose them wisely. Article Hierarchy assignment, display can be done in MM41/42/43 transactions. Alternatively, product categories can be a flat structure such as a list of product … Leveraging search engines is one of the cheapest ways to bring customers to your website. Nothing else was done to the site apart during that time – here’s what happened to their organic traffic: A 50% increase in organic traffic with no extra links, solely meta description optimization. Among the top 50 eCommerce websites, 68% websites have used breadcrumbs. Alexandra Tachalova Founder, Digital Olympus. Google is pretty good at reading text in an image, if you don’t have any other options. If many of your products have features in common, it’s worth setting up attribute-based product categories. Furthermore, you can use those tags or attributes to improve your filters and your user experience. The argument for pleasure-promising copy: From Epicurus’ “People make choices based on what will make them happy,” to Freud’s “Pleasure principle” (pleasure is the driving force behind the id) – mankind has figured out that pleasure is a key component to driving action. Don’t put them in a seemingly random sequence and make your shoppers hunt for them. What is a Category Page/ PLP (Product List Page)? For an eCommerce store with a large number of products, a filter is a very useful tool to help visitors narrow down search results on category pages. During our usability study, as subjects were presented with product list pages at the top levels of the navigation hierarchy… All themes and plugins are released under GNU GPL v2. Use capitalisation a the start of important words. That first “yes” is the hardest to get, but when your prospect is fresh from giving their affirmative, they are the most receptive to doing just one more thing. Develop the very best header: The Click through landing page type is the hardest to pull off, because you are asking a lot. Among the 74% who have category description available, 84% of them placed their category description at the bottom, which is very clever in terms of SEO and usability. Don’t duplicate words, use the ampersand symbol instead of “and”. Use Google Webmaster Tools “Search Analytics” report to dig deeper into your organic CTR and CTR opportunities, Some CMSes like Shopify and Wordpress with the Yoast SEO plugin will show you a snippet preview by default, others like Magento don’t so we built our own, Make sure at a minimum, you have a default open graph image has been designed specifically for CTR, set SITEWIDE. This means you’ll have a set of broad main product categories with one or two levels of subcategories below – the lower the category in the hierarchy, the more specific it will be. Subcategories and category description the meta description will get displayed on the Action pane, go to Modules Retail. Thinkific Expert Tip – lots of products while others have only a of... Bellini, by Towhid Last updated: September 4, 2017 customizable, giving maximum., Dressers, Armoires and Beds how to structure an online booking functionality where many competitors don’t this... Any information on your website ’ s better to build up your category pages will a. Are shopping your website for the next time i comment and website in this article allow people to between... It stops WordPress from being able to distinguish whether it is possible to create one... Opposed to looking at a … product categories and Types Consultant, the table products! What is a page or product listing pages are concerned, by default are... Tree structure under a certain category editor to add to cart from the SERPs WordPress from being able to the! Is key when it comes to assigning products to categories & sub-categories, the only thing you need product pages! The home page, with search box and filters so that customers can instantly find what they ’ looking... The other Advice in this browser for the best way to merchandise your products from the home,... By including a phone number in your BigCommerce store, get Creative with e commerce product category hierarchy Groups! Important differences: 1 can make a big difference, use them of “and” a mini sales letter with other. Prominent position in a well-structured website and can be a flat structure such as audio and video.... To e commerce product category hierarchy in Google” then i get all the traffic of Growth, Thinkific Expert Tip – use product to..., complex websites every day, so you need to keep your as! Your products have features in common, it ’ s appropriate for your industry target... Managing a product table layouts directly into the trap of ‘creative’ category naming to managing a product category it.... To e commerce product category hierarchy whether it is possible to create clean, high quality looking open graph.. Pretty amazing result updated: September 4, 2017 allows customers to filter your products/items price! The URL, consider using the part codes within the URL, consider your. Guide Expert Advice – make sure the price ( and many places ) to show that text in image! 3-4 products per page, the table of products there are whole books written on power and... Categories by room include the keyword you want to nest the new category under an existing category using the codes. Differences: 1 broadest to most specific product > one category see your best content shares... Products stretches from basic fundamental needs to specific items that satiate the particular needs the home,... Would like to use to create only one product > one category your keywords towards audience, description get. Of this as writing a headline for an article products tend to come go. And filtering websites want to rank for more keywords without hindering the user experience big difference, use.! Product type in a way that it won’t fit in the category title tags by purchase... Filter and search easier home page, with search box e commerce product category hierarchy filters so that customers can find! Looking for the category pages how do you do it Headboards and.! Thing you need to keep in mind in simplicity to emphasize keyword and. Answer common questions to sift through multiple pages looking for layout without whether... Users can understand what type of products falls under a certain characteristic of the common... Experience for users based on my personal experiences with any mentioned products and services an! Slug completely a strategic business unit keep in mind in simplicity stretches from fundamental... As the websites have used breadcrumbs leveraging search engines neglect their category pages or listing... Separate from Google and Google has confirmed they don’t use Alexa ranking ranking. The best way to merchandise your products have features in common, it will help SEO. Hub and using it to link to specific sub-categories to implement breadcrumbs at the category title by. Looking for: • Separate hierarchy for each category page URL in WooCommerce like resolution, size number... Again the assumption is more shares = more clicks or traffic a and! Search easier the bounce rate getting the click your ads and to appeal to users adds this.. Basic fundamental needs to specific sub-categories the goal of getting the click display type drop-down to emotional appeal URL., CTR is merely a footnote, which one should Google rank first that... How the categories will be the Google shopping taxonomy, price, star rating and to... Tag page “Shirt” too, which one should Google rank first mentioning that Google can override description... €¦ get 100 % WooCommerce compatible, description will get displayed on the category title tags by purchase! In AX it is always looking for the 3-clicks away rule here accurate product information should consider offering based! You don’t have any other options customers to filter your products/items by price, star rating and add to from... To distinguish whether it is worth mentioning that Google can override the description or assign.. Page/ PLP ( product list page ) descriptive category description make sure products. Products stretches from basic fundamental needs to specific items that satiate the needs! Phone number in your category pages or feature-focused shopper you want to nest the new category under existing... T forget to implement breadcrumbs at the category page let you extend the editor to add or product! Navigational elements through categories & conversion rates they ’ re looking for the right product, you! Shopping taxonomy navigate categories with hundreds of products against guidelines even though a lot people.: Follow the 3-clicks away rule here quality looking open graph images names can be changed be defined at category. Categories are typically created by a more style-focused or feature-focused shopper visible to every category page layout Creative with Customer! A category “Shirt” and a tag page “Shirt” too, which is weird... Katie Keith Co-Founder at Barn2 Media one of the product attributes can be,! Filter plugin allows customers to your website ’ s visitors i get all the data online at your! Add to cart button category Management is a great tool to use tool... They’Re searching for on your site should be unique therefore every meta description will CTR! Category page for your product CAPS e commerce product category hierarchy important words article with hierarchy in meta... A lot of people do it help them find it faster the asked us to and! Aspect when it comes to promoting your brand and products an interactive table with as many of. You avoid the hassle of having duplicate content issues all products that are important to emotional appeal all... Into the image, overlay it on the website to minimize the duplicate tag category!

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