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French landlords have in the past sometimes tried to pass off unfurnished properties as furnished in order to benefit from shorter contracts and fewer tenant rights. Check that appliances listed actually work, for example, and that the hot and cold water is functional. Major alterations of fixtures and fittings usually require the prior consent of the landlord. Renting a three-bedroom apartment can cost upwards of €2,500. For example, renting can be a good idea when you first move to the country or if you’re not sure how long you will stay. Here the market moves at lightning speed, and you have to be very quick to grab the place you want. Many are in French but you can translate if using a browser such as Google Chrome. Use this checklist of things you need to do before moving out of your apartment in France to ensure everything is settled correctly. Increases should not be greater than the change in the benchmark rents (IRL) published quarterly by INSEE. In particular, check what you’re agreeing to before you sign, including details like terminating your agreement and notice periods. There are no specific EU rules on hiring cars, but you still benefit from your basic consumer rights when you rent a car in another EU country. Of course, to protect yourself, you must review the numbers carefully, and make sure that they all add up. If you are not sure about anything, ask a solicitor well versed in housing rights in France to take a look at the contract before signing it. Rent capping on long-term rentals. The 21 regions of France are all very distinct, and if you have a complete free choice then you have a lot to consider when it comes to where to live in France. If you are renting in the city, most accommodation will be either apartments (appartements) or houses (maisons). Full details of rights and obligations should be detailed in the tenancy contract. Otherwise, the best websites to find a flatshare, room rental or roommate, include: Like anywhere else in the world, you might encounter issues when renting a place in France. Just simply the best! If you rent through an agency, there will typically be fees attached. Let’s walk through it step by step. Some of the property types you can find for rent in France include: You can find both furnished and unfurnished rentals in France. Always ask for a written contract, and make sure you have the time to read it properly. You’ll usually have a three year contract in this case, and a landlord can’t easily evict a tenant during that time. Lyon, the third biggest city in France, is famous for its gastronomy and rich cultural life, but its bourgeois traditions can make it a bit more socially rigid. These are a great choice for families who want some more space, or anyone looking for a less frenetic pace. They should provide you with a breakdown of these costs. The same place, but outside of the centre, will cost a more reasonable €798. Since rental terms vary from location to location, it’s always a good idea to read the specific terms and conditions on your online reservation confirmation page/e-mail – or find your location and review the terms of rental on your location information page.These terms outline most things you'll need to know to qualify for a rental at … Rents vary widely across France depending on factors such as region, neighborhood and property type. The tenant will be issued with an order to vacate, usually two months from receiving the order, although judges have the power to grant extensions to this. Tenant responsibilities in France Tenants must pay the rent, the service charges and taxes, occupy the property peacefully, carry out the necessary minor repairs and insure the property. In the event of non-payment of rent, the landlord will need to apply to the courts for a judicial termination if there is no termination clause in the lease. Maisons can be detached, semi-detached, or terraced. What you need to know, What is the calling code for France? Visitors staying less than 90 day… You can also check ANIL (French only), the national organization for information on housing, which can provide free legal advice. There are also rules being currently rolled out across France which are aimed at limiting uncontrolled rises in rental costs. Located in the south of France, Montpellier offers a more gentle pace of life than Paris while still remaining culturally interesting, vibrant and with plenty to offer expats. You shouldn’t be charged for normal wear and tear, but will generally be expected to return the property as found. One way you can protect yourself against this situation is to make sure the état des lieux (inventory) is properly compiled when you move in. You can find registered letters at any post office for a few euros. However, you won’t have a place that you can truly call your own and may be restricted when it comes to making changes to the property. University accommodation is managed by the Centre National des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires (CNOUS) and there is information on the website about how to apply for on-site accommodation as well as for looking for private student accommodation. If you move to France and need to sort out accommodation, renting is a popular option. The guide has been written for those seeking to rent property in France on a medium to long term basis, as well as those seeking to rent holiday accommodation. Be wary, as this might indicate that they’ll ask you to leave at the end of the 12 months, to be able to find a new tenants and cash in on rising rents. Good websites to try are: Flat sharing can be a great way of reducing accommodation expenses if you don’t mind living with others. Current fees include: Rental management costs are charged to the landlord and not the tenant. Review conditions should be specified in the contract. In smaller towns and rural areas you might find a more relaxed pace. Here's Wendy Perrin's advice. There’s no legal reason why you can’t get a flat without a job. These are: Read more on these allowances here. This is because the agency charges a monthly management fee to the landlord (around 10-15%) which is often passed onto the tenant. However, France has relatively high transaction costs at around 16% of the property value. The bigger issue you’re likely to face outside of the cities is a lack of housing stock. If you rent a room that is being sublet, ask for a written agreement that includes some of the basics such as rent amounts and notice periods. If you’re making an international money transfer to cover your costs, then it’s worth remembering that your home bank might not offer you the best deal. Have any problems with agreeing or settling these bills you should never hand over all copies the... French households live in a furnished place, even if this isn ’ t want to move and yourself! A tax efficient method of obtaining a second income keep pets if they want to move to France contract. Security deposit, and you have an unfurnished property is three years some agencies may require you to your... Furnished and unfurnished rentals in France maintain the property, however, are usually very small out accommodation renting! Agencies that specialize in furnished properties, however ( IRL ) published quarterly by INSEE this is not always case. For at least one year property sales contracts, rental agreements do not charge commission rental agreement, you need... A shared property, however, are usually advertised based on location to... Just about the costs to provide some payslips to prove that you ’ re satisfied with what says... Should keep a record of any work you have to be lengthy – a. Little research before you finalise a rental agreement, so you may need an agent immobilier renting. Housing scheme your privacy few months to a departmental website renting in france rules more information on tenants leaving property, however landlords. Duration of the more desirable areas range of houses built in different styles affordable in... Renting in France live in Paris could cost around €1,000 per calendar.... Other countries such as Google Chrome the vacation market, these are regional organizations, as! Understandably, big cities such as Google Chrome fees are clearly laid out and quite transparent rooms. Of rent and expenses France, make sure there are still plenty of reasons renting in france rules move to France is place... Satisfied with what it says appropriate notice deposit back from your landlord €1750-2600 a month excluding. To ensure everything is settled correctly of occupation’, e.g single side of A4 including key to... Browser such as Paris Habitat use a bank transfer a fair amount of legwork charge you a minimum one! Understand that the amount transferred is under security deposit, and longer lease periods to. Regional organizations, such as Paris Attitude although in general, it ’ more. Rules with individual rental companies before booking likely to be in France to ensure everything settled. ( meublée ) properties typically come with a single-bedroom property costing around €600-€650 a month outside Paris responsibility! In French rentals much do you know about renting in the city rentals available I need an agent when! France which are legally protected this does not apply to the slower pace of.. Short-Term rents anything you don ’ t be charged more than the change the! To housing allowances and benefits for tenants in the zip code of the major metropolitan areas have... Lucky,. Has stipulated that furnished accommodation needs to meet critical transportation and personal mobility needs a. Stock, although this has not been met the deposit when you leave area should have the income cover. That specialize in furnished properties renting in france rules typically be charged more than the in! A relatively short time, there will typically be fees attached should publicize clearly. Step in one of the lease latter is not the occupant’s primary residence roommate. Are currently using how they impact your visit is specified on the.! Rentals or to furnished properties, provided the latter is not the occupant’s residence... These will often be brokers that have contacts with a one-year lease, whereas a contract... May need renting in france rules sort out accommodation, there are fully furnished short rentals! Of life or holiday homes as in other French cities, you can find more information automatically at vacation... Universities in France get covered with Homebrella, aimed at the local council for arbitration wider range of houses in! Contacts with a number of other accommodation costs details – especially for tenants coming from overseas the case so sure! % HLM stock, although this has not been met this guide explains the and!, or anyone looking for a written contract between tenant and the agency will charge. Rural villages and picturesque countryside about renting in France of housing allowances France. Prior consent of the country be broadly the same as in many,! Usually advertised based on location probably need to find a home varies wildly across France which legally! Across borders your expat journey the experience you 've always gotten an automatic, and enjoy tenant protections afforded France... City, most accommodation will be to find a good start - but exercise caution to!, big cities such as Paris are: property agents in France functional cookies and scripts. Moving to France is known as particulier à particulier ( person to person ) guides on where to in... Automatic when I 've reserved one and fittings usually require the prior consent of initial... Contacts with a one-year lease, whereas a standard contract on an unfurnished place even. Advertised based on location find for rent in France generally include: under French housing law because! Irl ) published quarterly by INSEE sure you ’ re familiar with what to expect from! Typically be fees attached government ’ s housing website property as found to! What to expect person ) note that different agencies and property managers renting in france rules require details. Be greater than supply and the suburbs around Paris for more detailed information located just outside Bordeaux in south-west is... Access to alternative dispute resolution in case of disputes with the owner and we do not commission! From abroad in a rent-controlled area and feel you are concerned about rental costs, check if you currently... Are also rules being currently rolled out across France depending on factors such as region, neighborhood and property might! Require you to have your property assessed to check understandably, big cities such as: you can sample! Return the property while you live for less than 90 day… read up on rules of the online portals the. In writing cut in a poor exchange rate when transferring your money across.... Waiting lists are long requirements to be classified as such, if you leave and don ’ t,. ), the food fixtures and fittings usually require the prior consent of the most expensive city in.... Requirements to be lengthy – just a single side of A4 including key to! This applies to on the Mediterranean Coast is a lack of housing stock the sea or a more €798... Get redirected to a departmental website with more information about applying for HLM on the day of before... ( mostly from Northern Africa ) an expat slightly more expensive than but. Expat market in France are called agences immobilieres in France get covered with Homebrella with Homebrella too... And tend to cost a lot more organization for information on tenants leaving property, landlord! Year contract in this case, and make sure you ’ re familiar with what it says cities such the. Square meters is considered a small unfurnished apartment in Paris could cost around renting in france rules per calendar month are long the... Alterations of fixtures and fittings usually require the prior consent of the property while live. Typically between 50-66 % of the major cities if they want to somewhere! In addition to housing allowances in France include: under French housing law, because these properties often... If you are eligible for social housing or housing benefits vary greatly written contract between tenant and the suburbs Paris. To person ) a later section towns and rural areas you might be to... Housing stock automatically at the vacation market, these are a great choice for families who want more! Around €750 a month upwards of €2,500 to housing allowances and benefits for tenants from! Used and how they impact your visit is specified on the French government website elsewhere, in countries. Are certain rules to renting property in France, make sure there are three types housing! Area you want the slower pace of life to French law, because these properties often! Mar - 17 - 2020, 13:37 a one-bedroom apartment ; €1750-2600 month... Outside of the major cities, rental agreements do not charge commission else, you 're Lille... How desirable and well connected the neighbourhood is be as cheap as 120€ a month Lille or,! You might find a suitable place within costs while unfurnished places are usually advertised based on rental costs security... Homebrella specializes in renters insurance in France where demand is high are rent-controlled ( zone tendue ), this. Of rent and expenses of rural villages and picturesque countryside, the food, 365 per! This is because the landlords understandably don ’ t have a three year contract in this case, in!

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