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hepatocyte integrity (AST and ALT), synthesis and secretion of bile (bilirubin and … In reality, often there is a mixed picture, making interpretation … Liver function tests (LFT) are helpful screening tools to detect hepatic dysfunction. Standard liver tests (Tables 1 and 2) that assess injury to the liver include alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspar-tate aminotransferase (AST), and alkaline phosphatases (APs). There are four main patterns of liver function test results, and these help identify what the cause of the abnormal results are. Since liver performs a variety of functions, no single test is sufficie … Depending on the test, either higher- or lower-than-normal levels of … The excretory function of the liver … Normally, ALP levels are 45 to 115 U/L, and if these or Introduction Derangement of liver function tests (LFTs) is a common problem that can be difficult to interpret. The clinical context is Key words: Liver function test, cholestatic pattern, hepatocellular pattern, liver synthetic function. function test is really a misnomer as most of these do not directly measure the function of the liver. They reflect different aspects of the They reflect different aspects of the health of the liver, i.e. The heart can also release AST, so it is important to look at the entire set of liver tests, rather than just this one test. Levels of ALP are elevated in the case of liver disease or dysfunction. Liver function test interpretation A liver panel or liver function test may be used to screen for liver damage, especially if someone has a condition or is taking a drug that may affect the liver. Another liver function test that measures enzymes is the alkaline phosphatase test (ALP). This test is typically used to detect a liver injury or an active or chronic liver problem. A comprehensive metabolic panel, which Diagnostic value of bilirubin levels : Bilirubin in body is a careful balance between Liver function tests are used to measure specific enzymes and proteins in your blood. Liver Function Tests and their Interpretation Indian Journal of Pediatrics, Volume 74—July, 2007 665 spectrophotometric determination at 430 nm.1 a. LFT are further used to categorize hepatic dysfunctions, to estimate the severity of hepatic disease, and for the follow-up of liver diseases.

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