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However, vanity being what it is, most of us would like to pronounce the guttural “r”, more native like we think. The French R is pronounced in the throat, in the same place where you say G as in "get." Even if we call the French r a guttural sound, it should NOT come from the Adam’s apple. Buchstabe Consonant: Aussprache Pronunciation: Beispiele / Examples: ck: k: dick (fat, thick), der Schock (shock): ch >> After a, o, u and au, pronounced like the guttural ch in Scottish "loch" - das Buch(book), auch (also). This is very similar to the “r” pronunciation people use in American English. Over time, they learned how to pronounce it correctly, however this pronunciation way of words containing the “r” letter remains the same in some country regions. The evidence from Molière is from Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme where Mr. Jourdain is being taught how to pronounce the r. It could be that the alveolar /r/ was considered "proper" (and thus he was so taught) while lower class French speakers used a uvular trill or fricative. You will be perfectly well understood with a trilled “r” or a soft “r” as in English. French R: Leave Your Adam's Apple Alone! The French rhotic has a wide range of realizations: both the voiced uvular fricative or approximant [ʁ] and the voiceless uvular fricative [χ], the uvular trill [ʀ], the alveolar trill [r], and the alveolar tap [ɾ].These are all recognized as the phoneme /r/, but the trills and the tap are considered dialectal. French consonant. But as I understand it, the most common pronunciation of , at least in the metropolitan areas in the south of Portugal, is a voiced uvular fricative [ʁ] like the French Guttural R. Listen to this speaker from Portugal pronounce Rio – I think he might even be using an uvular trill [ ʀ ] . Guttural R. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. Repeat with me: Porta (door) Corta (cut it) Torta (cake) Brazil accents – R guttural French. The Guttural “r” There is no obligation to make the guttural “r” in French. I describe how to pay … In linguistics, guttural R (sometimes called French R) refers to pronunciation of a rhotic consonant as a guttural consonant.These consonants are usually uvular.Speakers of languages with "French R" typically regard the guttural and alveolar /r/ to be alternative pronunciations of the same phoneme, despite the articulatory differences. The letter R is very difficult for many French learners. This is a confusion many French learners (and some teachers) make, and the usual “roaring” exercices won’t help you pronounce the French r the right way! Otherwise it is a palatal sound as in: mich (me), welche (which),wirklich (really). * It has nothing at all in common with the English R or the Spanish R, so it’s helpful to think of it as a completely different letter.Phonetic symbol: [ʁ]. Guten Tag! I produced a video that explains how I learned how to pronounce the German "r" (the Hochdeutsch guttural one). How do achieve this?

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